A Land Rich in What Matters Most

August 21, 2017

My New Companion

His name is Elder Gadah and is twenty-five. He is a Ghanaian from the Eastern Region, a town called Nsawom (It should be on the road from Kofordua to Accra), and of the same tribe as Elder Gbettie. He has only been a member for three years and came out as soon as he was able. He is so sweet and powerful, but seriously humble. He came ready to work and I am working him. I’m being very diligent and exactly obedient and he said that he is “following in my footsteps” so our companionship is great. J We talk freely and openly and we get along; it doesn’t even matter that we’re the only two elders in the apartment because I’m never lonely. He’s still adjusting to the work, and in just the four days that we’ve been together I’ve already found him asleep during his evening prayers. Yeah, I’m working him that hard. Really, all of our time and attention is focused on the work.


We might start visiting there on Sundays after we close our own church meetings in order to have Sacrament meeting with them. President Cosgrave just barely mentioned this to me and I am all over it! As far as the children thing, we’re finding out more. Lots of families work on Sunday but send their children to church. It’s kind of funny sometimes. We are teaching one family where both the father and mother work every Sunday, but they send their small boy to come to church and now the boy is asking to be baptized. We talk to the father and he says, “I only have 3 more years before I retire, so I’ll come to church then.” It’s a little frustrating, but he knows the church is very good. But we did have a baptism!

2017 8 21 Baptism with Ben
This past Saturday, Brother Samuel Addae, our first baptism in Seniagya. Elder Gadah is on the right.

2017 8 21 Baptism with Ben and Elder Gadah

Brother Samuel comes from Seniagya, and he is our first baptism from that place. His family is staying in Accra, but he was born and raised in Seniagya, so that is where he likes to be. He’s a very wonderful man. He’s been coming to the Sunday School group for about 6 months now. According to the group leader, Brother Samuel is the most serious of all the investigators. This is a real victory for Seniagya. My companion performed the baptism; he was very happy to get to do that during his first week in his mission.

Miracles Still Happen

I’m seeing miracles every day out here. We are opening a new undeveloped area and we are already seeing miracles as far as reactivation. It’s seriously wonderful and I’m very grateful to be a missionary. I am a disciple of Jesus Christ and I want to honor that with all my heart. I know it’s what He would want me to do and I want to do it for Him. I want to do everything in my power to let the whole world see His image in my countenance. Then, I want to give Him the glory and honor for everything. Some days I feel weak and I know that without Him I am nothing. But I know that with His help and through His Grace I can accomplish all things. I just need to remain worthy of His Atoning Sacrifice by keeping His commandments forever.

I want to end my mission on the highest note of all my mission. I guess it’s my thing to finish with a show stopper, huh?  No regrets.

I will not surrender. I will not stop. I will give it all I’ve got.

A really great part is that I’m working as hard as I want to and I’m able to be as obedient as possible and do what God expects of me. Oh, how my heart sings now. And I love it! I’m enjoying and loving life! I love it so much.

Have a great week,

Elder Gilbert

P.S. I wanted to see the eclipse, but it was cloudy here.

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