Obronin in the House

August 28, 2017

Where do I begin? The week went by so fast and there is so much to say but the question is how to say it?


I guess the first thing that I will say is that I don’t know what it is about Effiduasi, but there are a lot of drunk people, a lot more than I’ve seen in my other areas. I think it has happened almost everyday this past week that we’ve had an encounter with someone under the influence. It’s really interesting how bold and fearless they are when they see me. Being an Obronin (white man) it is almost like I have a magnet on me for them. None have gotten real aggressive so it’s been okay. I wasn’t too great at recognizing drunk people when I first got here, but now, I can see them almost a mile away. Sometimes I have to bite my lip trying not to laugh at the things they say. English is not their first language, but they try to speak English because they know that I don’t really speak Twi fluently. Just another adventure, I guess!

And did I mention that I teach a Primary class? Well, it’s a great class and I’m really enjoying it. And I’m pretty much the Obronin there too. 🙂

2017 9 4 My Primary Class 3
This is my primary class that I teach every Sunday in Effiduase. Note: Back in Iowa we used to have a statue of a guy we called Pedro and we would rub his head for luck. Just call me Pedro. 🙂

2017 9 4 My Primary Class 42017 9 4 My Primary Class 1

2017 9 4 My Primary Class 2
This one has a bit of attitude.


This past week we met with a man who is pretty much a Bible Scholar. He hasn’t told us which denomination he belongs to, but he’s really strong with the Bible’s teachings. He is actually one of the most bubbly and friendly people I’ve met here. He’s about 65 years in age and he knows like 6 different languages fluently. We met with him a couple weeks ago and it seemed like he was trying to bash with us a bit. So we just tried to teach him about the Book of Mormon and what it is and everything. He told us that he would read it, not skeptically but critically.

Sure enough, when we got back to him this past week he had so many passages underlined with questions attached, his own take on what it means, and his problems with a few of the things. We had an answer for everything, though he didn’t always take our answers well. The interesting part is that when we started to talk about Joseph Smith, he began to say that he is actually looking for a latter-day prophet, and due to his own bible studies he has seen that that prophet must come from America. When I look at this guy I see no guile, what he says is really what he means. I have no idea where he has read that those things must be, but I’m sure it was the light of Christ prompting him towards the right direction.

We committed him to continue to pray about it and we fasted for him. He could be a great help to the church. I feel he just needs an answer and he’s golden! He could even pave the way for the rest of his family. Many people would join the church because of him.

His Name is Emmanuel. Incredible man and teaching him was way cool. He doesn’t just take it but he also gives back and it’s like we discover new things together. I know that the Spirit was teaching through me very powerfully, because I recounted the restoration with great conviction, more than I think I might’ve done in any other lesson. It was kinda funny because my companion didn’t know exactly what to do with a man with so much knowledge. But he came in as a second witness to what I was saying. It was really great.

Working Hard

I guess the only other thing that I have time to say is that we are just enjoying the work. We were coming back from midweek class and we were going to see some people somewhat late in the evening, so we had to walk fast. We were singing hymns and marching almost as fast as we could. We were laughing and just simply enjoying being about the Lord’s business. What a time to be alive!

This past week we proselyted for 47.5 hours. Man, it felt amazing. I’m not sure if I’ve ever been happier doing the Lord’s work. They tell us that the greatest amount of proselyting hours that we can work in a week is 48 for a normal companionship (45 for those in training, weighing in time for study, meals, planning, meetings, etc.). Things are progressing!


Elder Gilbert

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