Asuo Yeboah and FuFu

The Food and Living Conditions I ate FuFu today! It was my 3rd time ever and every time I get better with it. I really  do like to eat it, it’s super easy to swallow, even the bites that seem too big. My companion and I are gonna start cooking together starting this week, andContinue reading “Asuo Yeboah and FuFu”

A Letter from the Mission President

This is an excerpt of a letter we received from Ben’s Mission President: Dear Brother & Sister Gilbert, Your son has arrived safely in the mission and has received his first assignment. We are so pleased to have him in the Ghana Kumasi Mission and we appreciate your efforts in preparing him for this mission. HisContinue reading “A Letter from the Mission President”

Elder Gilbert Has Completed His Time at the MTC

Hi everyone, We received word that Elder Gilbert made it safely to his mission home in Kumasi, Ghana. We don’t know much, but saw an amazing video of him and his group from the MTC. Some notes: The small groups in front of the sign were the districts (We believe they are divided by whatContinue reading “Elder Gilbert Has Completed His Time at the MTC”

Some Interesting Stats from the MTC

Where do missionaries in the Ghana Missionary Training Center come from? Missionaries in the Ghana MTC come from various countries in Africa and a few countries out of Africa.    The top five origin countries for our 1441 missionaries this year are: Nigeria        312 Congo         298 Ghana         222 USA            205 Ivory Coast   112Continue reading “Some Interesting Stats from the MTC”

Ghana MTC (Missionary Training Center)

So for starters, Ghana. It’s as hot as a hot summer day in Iowa, just all the time. Even when it’s overcast, it’s hot and humid. We live in a place that is about the size of the Cedar Rapids Stake center, just split across three levels and one of the levels we only useContinue reading “Ghana MTC (Missionary Training Center)”

I Made It! My First Time Flying Experience!

I made it safe and sound, but there were some bumps along the way. There was an hour delay in Atlanta and I and 3 other missionaries had to run to get to the next gate which we had to wait for a shuttle bus to get to. After getting off the aircraft in Atlanta, IContinue reading “I Made It! My First Time Flying Experience!”