Baptisms and a Goat

Two Baptisms This Week Things are going well!  We had two baptisms this past week. We weren’t even sure when they would come on, and I’ll explain why. For Both Isaac and Thomas, they needed very special interviews with our mission president to be forwarded on to the area office and eventually the First PresidencyContinue reading “Baptisms and a Goat”

Mother’s Day is Now My Second Favorite Holiday

Happy Mother’s Day to All! I got to call home and talk to my family for mother’s day; it and Christmas are the only two days I may call home during my mission. It was so great to talk to everyone! You are my wonderful family and I love you. You are a great supportContinue reading “Mother’s Day is Now My Second Favorite Holiday”

Cost of Living and Money in Ghana

I am sad to tell you that Ben’s Internet cafe was down last week, so there is no letter. In its place I am writing about Ghanaian money and their cost of living. Ghanaian Money: The word cedi is the Fante word for cowry shell, which were formerly used as currency in what is now Ghana. The porcelain-like shells came toContinue reading “Cost of Living and Money in Ghana”

Of Mice and Men, Chicken, and the Pope

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody! Of Mice and Men….. So a few interesting things happened this week! The first is that we have had traces of mice in the apartment. Droppings in weird places like my closet and things like that. The funny part is that when my companion, Elder Anderson, told me about it, I thoughtContinue reading “Of Mice and Men, Chicken, and the Pope”

Ghana MTC (Missionary Training Center)

So for starters, Ghana. It’s as hot as a hot summer day in Iowa, just all the time. Even when it’s overcast, it’s hot and humid. We live in a place that is about the size of the Cedar Rapids Stake center, just split across three levels and one of the levels we only useContinue reading “Ghana MTC (Missionary Training Center)”