Internet Cafes and Grand Theft Auto

Oh, man! Sadly, Elder Ripplinger and I have had things come up that have caused us to email late in the day, so I don’t have much time today. One issue with this particular Internet cafe is that when it gets crowded (like after school), the connection slows way down. After school, the boys come and play a game called “Grand Theft Auto.” It is all that is played in this cafe, with 2-3 children at a computer just watching one play who had the money to pay for 30 minutes. Just imagine a dark computer lab from school with a bunch of small African children near two American missionaries. There you have it! And you know, it’s like home, even if you’re not using the Internet, you’re still taking your slice of the pie.

This is Elder Gilbert embracing life in Ghana.  

A Couple of Fun Things

I have been keeping a dream journal since I’ve been on my mission. It sits next to my bed. I don’t just write something important, I write every morning everything that I can remember from my dreams. It’s become a habit and I love it. It’s interesting to see how they come true later on. Most of the time they’re abstract.

I am still getting used to the food here in Ghana. Right now, my stomach is complaining. Some of this Ghanaian food just flies through your system and causes Diarrhea. Except here they call it “Runny Tummy.” Sounds like a better word for it, in my opinion. And I’m not exactly sure what I ate to cause it. It could have been the Ramen mixed with hot dog and onion (all fried) that I made myself last night, or the spicyness in the fried rice I ate the night before, or just some germ in the mix of it all.  But don’t worry mom, they say African germs don’t kill, so I’m not in any real danger.   😉

Getting My Mail

You asked about how I collect my mail. The mail goes to the mission home and is distributed from there. Whenever the opportunity arises to get it for whatever reason, that is when you get it. For example, President was doing some random interviews to see what we learned from a missionary broadcast and I got a letter from Kaitlin Zieser there! I got one from Abbie Kasner a couple months ago. It all depends. 😀

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