Being Where the Lord Needs Us

You Never Know Who You Will Touch

This week something really cool happened! We met a man who was flat out drunk and he was disturbing us in a lesson with his uncle. He just walked up to us and started asking us weird questions that he could hardly say, let alone understand when we gave him answers. As we came back later to meet again with his uncle, he was there, but this time he was sober and he listened. He wrote down questions that he had after we gave him a restoration pamphlet and even came to church the next Sunday! Turns out that he has close family members in the ward and they were VERY happy to see him. It just goes to show that the truth is for everyone and that it can change anyone. As long as they are willing to change for God and his son, Jesus Christ.

2016 3 21 High fives
Elder Gilbert high-fiving some children along the road.

I also have a progressing investigator who is a mother of 5 and she absolutely loves it when we visit her. Everytime she has more love for us and the feelings are mutual. Her name is Hannah; I showed her the small photo album of my family and she loved it. She’s very intelligent for the education she’s received, which is more education than most. I believe she graduated through senior high school.

2016 3 21 children
Posing for a photo with the same children.

We all Play a Part as God’s Hands

Hey! You said it’s Spring break there? I was in florida a year ago! Man, I didn’t think I’d be in Africa 300 days later, but the Lord takes us where he wants us, not always where we are expecting ourselves to go.

On that note, one thing I found interesting in my personal studies this morning is that everyone that has a calling was foreordained in the grand council in heaven. That means I was foreordained to come to Ghana. I’m where I need to be, whether mostly for my personal growth, or mostly for the people of Ghana, or both; I am not quite sure just yet.

Ghana is Beautiful

Also, I also found about some really nice national parks in Ghana, namely Mole (Moe-LAY) National park. There is also one in cape coast that is flipping fantastic, but if you’re scared of heights, it’s not ideal. You get to walk around in the canopy of the rain forest on rope bridges. Sounds sweet, yeah?

Other than that, this week was pretty normal. (As normal as missionary work in Africa can be) We’re still working hard and doing what we know we should. It feels good.


Elder Gilbert

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