Keeping Cool

The Bugs and the Beeping

So this week has been a little nuts. We finally got some insecticide to spray what we thought to be a small cockroach infestation, which turned into a much bigger cockroach infestation as we found out how many there really were. We didn’t even get all of them, we need to spray again today.

Also, because of that spray, it set off the smoke alarm somehow and we couldn’t turn it off. We tried all we could, but some part of it just wouldn’t switch off. In order to sleep, we put it between two pillows and put them as far away from us as possible and closed all the doors in between  and put the fans on high so that we couldn’t hear it. Eventually after about 36 hours of none-stop beeping, his little battery life gave up the ghost. Actually we’re not entirely sure if thats what happened, but it’s our best guess. We don’t want to try to set it off again so we have just kinda left it alone.

A Cool Experience

Also, due to another emergency transfer, we are back to a tri-companionship. We have two wards in Asuo Yeboah (ah-SUE-yeh-bo-ah), so we need to attend two sacrament meetings each Sunday. Imagine how surprised I was when they asked me before the meeting to say the closing prayer for ward 2 (I’m in ward 1) and then how much more I was surprised when they asked me to stand in the circle to confirm a member. Now imagine my shock when they told me I was going to be confirming the next new member when I wasn’t even apart of their ward! It was a wonderful experience though. It was the first time I have given someone the gift of the Holy Ghost. Those two small boys will be blessed for the rest of their lives because of what they have done and the ordinances performed this past week.

Soup Watcher
This is Elder Gilbert as the soup watcher or fanner at a Zone activity. If the soup was too hot, he would fan the top to cool it down. If the soup was cooling off, he would fan the bottom of the stove to heat it up. They call them “coal pots,” but we would call them a type of charcoal-burning stove. Hot soup on a hot day!

From Hot to Hotter

I must say a bit about the weather here in Ghana; it’s all about the humidity. We have now entered into the Rainy season (technically, there is hardly any rain yet).  At first I welcomed it because it was more of what I know (Iowa summer), but then it became the worst. It’s about a high of 100 degrees every day and the super high humidity just wears on you. Plus the sweat, the sweat is just uncomfortable.

Thats all for this week!

I love this work, I love these people and I love my savior Jesus Christ!

With Love,

Elder Gilbert

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