One Constant is Change

A Baptism

2016 3 27 Solomon, Elder Ripplinger, and Elder Gilbert
This is Elder Gilbert, Solomon, and Elder Ripplinger at Solomon’s baptism.

We had a baptism this week! His name is Solomon. Things are going super well here. In fact, President Cosgrave has called me to train a new missionary coming in this transfer. It’s going to be a new experience trying to build up his knowledge, teaching, and finding skills, but The Lord has called me and I know he’ll qualify me for this. I can do this.

A Sort of Sad Note

Elder Ripplinger is going home, and it honestly feels very sad. I have enjoyed my time with him and have learned a lot. I know the term “killing a missionary” is used when your companion is going home, but it seriously feels like he’s dying. It makes me sad. Because of this as well, I don’t get to enjoy his washing machine that I forgot to mention when he first got here. I’ll have to go back to hand washing my clothes. Yikes.

A Couple of Interesting Things

An odd thing, dogs and goats are so smart here. I have watched a dog jogging down a sidewalk next to a busy street and he was waiting and watching to cross the street when there were no cars. I guess it also has something to do with natural selection right? Hahaha thats not too funny but still….

On the plus side I am still improving at the keyboard/piano! It’s pretty rad that I’m learning; I can play “We thank thee, O God, for a Prophet” pretty well. But it can always be better!

My best,
Elder Gilbert

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