Transfers This Week

New Companion

As for this week, of course we had transfers and I’m staying in the same area. I’ll probably be in this area for this transfer and the next, because I am training a brand new Elder. My companion’s name is Elder Gbettie. He’s from Ghana, so I’m seriously hoping to learn more Twi from him. Honestly, he’s already really confident when it comes to teaching, so it makes it a lot easier. But I didn’t really realize how much I can do as the senior companion until I got to this point. I also didn’t realize some of my weaknesses. Which I’m now working on, which is a good thing! It’s always a good thing to progress and work on the things we aren’t so good at. It can be frustrating at times, but we need to always be working on the promised blessings. That way, we can truly be who our Heavenly Father wants us to be.

2016 4 4 Elder Gbettie
This is Elder Gilbert’s new companion from Ghana, Elder Gbettie.

Missed Sunday’s General Conference Broadcast

I unfortunately could not watch General Conference. They had it live stream for the Sunday Morning session, but due to a wedding being done right outside our front door, we could not go. We could not risk them pulling us into the festivities. We’ve even been warned by leaders to stay away from crowds especially this week due to possible demonstrations. I’m not really sure exactly what that entails, but it was very frustrating to have to miss conference and proselyting time.

Washing Clothes

Today I had a pretty cool experience. While I was hand washing my clothes, I just visualized God standing above watching down on me and others. I looked at my hands that I was using to wash the clothes and It kinda hit me… Heavenly Father seriously has a body. He has hands and he feels and he can grab things but he can’t feel pain or anything like that. I love it when that stuff happens. It was like reality seriously hit me.

This and That

I gave a talk in Sacrament meeting this past Easter. It was on Faith and I put a focus on Christ and Centering our faith in him. Elder Ripplinger gave a talk on the atonement. It was good. He has such a wonderful testimony.

I really miss running and because I’m the senior companion, I’ll try to take the new missionary on runs almost every day if I can.

As far as an update on our investigators: The mother is progressing and the drunk guy kinda vanished. We haven’t seen him for about 1.5 weeks.

Take care everyone,
Elder Gilbert

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