“A Whole Lot of Shakin’ Going On” in Obuasi

I Have Been Assigned a Different Area

So, I have had a shake up! I have been transferred to a city in the southern zone of the mission, called Obuasi (oh-BWAH-see). It is mountainous and there are many gold mines here (I’ve even heard that gold is much cheaper in Obuasi than anywhere else in Ghana and much cheaper than the world’s gold standard price).

So, the town is smaller, it’s true (Asouyeboa was a suburb of Kumasi which has 1.7 million people and Obuasi has 175,000), but it’s really nice. I really appreciate all the branches here. The travel was rough. I was still sick when it happened and it was bumpy and hilly and the bus we took was bad and ugh, I almost threw up. It took us an hour and a half to travel thirty seven miles.

All About Obuasi

Obuasi is a District (which is smaller than a Stake) with four branches and four companionships in my district with seven companionships in the zone. I am now a district leader, which will be something new. My new companion is Liberian, named Elder Kortu, and he’s awesome. He’s super humble and he’s still young on his mission (I am his second companion since the mission home), so he’s really willing to work hard with me. The apartment is small, but super nice (we even have hot water showers)!

The geographical area I work in is bigger than my last and really nice. I love it. I love the green mountains here. Sooooo much green; I love it!

It is apparently a very fruitful area and I’m very excited to start working very hard to help others come unto Christ and help the Church grow in this part of the world.


As far as the animal life, it’s basically the same. But I did see a peacock today when we went to a restaurant in a resort/club/hotel-looking place. I ate a burger, onion rings, and fries! It was delicious.

The Only Constant is Change

As much as it was hard, I am sad to leave Asuoyeboah. I was there for about 8 months and it has been basically my home away from home. It’s almost difficult to imagine myself doing missionary work in Ghana that’s not in Asuoyeboah.

Leaving good friends is hard, but it is also good to make new friends.

Until next week,

Elder Gilbert

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