Happy 4th of July!

Celebrating American Independence in Ghana

We Americans in Obuasi (during P-day) celebrated the holiday by going to a restaurant (the same one as last week) and buying some nice American food. You can’t beat a burger and fries. We also played basketball again and I wore red, white, and blue in celebration.

2016 7 4 Bball 2
Enjoying Independence Day!

This week was good, although I’m still trying to adjust to the area. It’s unfamiliar, and I look at the ground and end up taking the wrong road a lot. It happens though because I’m still new. I really try to work hard and get things done; taking it one day at a time is always a good idea.

I led my first district council this past week and everyone told me it went well and I gave good instruction. I just hope I can really help and do good things. That’s what I really care about, trying to seriously help the members of my district. It’s not easy being in the leadership and I’m really trying to magnify it.  We have district council every week. There’s a lot of responsibility and I have a lot to learn. As well as keep up the hard work and progression in my personal life.

We had to start a bit from scratch in Obuasi because of various things that happened before I got here. We’ve had to find many new people to teach and we’re trying to be all over the whole area. It’s a big area though, so it’s not easy. We also have some people that we are teaching that have been taught for over 4 months. These people are really ready to be baptized, there is just one or two problems that are slowly being worked out. We’re just being patient with those challenges.

The branch is nice, the building is rented, but it is still very nice. It’s probably one of the nicer Branches in the mission.

I know this Church is true, and I have a deep abiding testimony in Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I got that testimony at Hill Cumorah, when I wept in my mother’s lap at the feet of the Christus statue. I love Him and I know He loves me, and you and everyone.

Enjoy the 240th birthday of our Country. I know I have!

Elder Gilbert

P.S.    I’m still doing T25 or running every morning except Sunday! Feels great!

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