Grace and the Heat

March 6, 2017

Hope in Grace

Things were interesting and crazy this past week. Everything is really grand here.

The thing that I really can report on is the fact that I personally believe that we’re having a baptism this week (my companion is not so convinced). There is a woman who has been taught by missionaries for about 2-3 years now. Her name is Grace and she would give missionaries baptismal dates and come up with an excuse to cancel the day before the baptism. I’ve heard of missionaries going through ten dates in 18 weeks. The reason why I think she will carry through this time is because we backed off and told her when she is ready to come to us with a baptismal date. Two weeks later she did exactly that and is now super pumped, as am I. She’s crazy awesome and missionary minded.

No update on Wa as of now. I’ll probably get that in 2 weeks time.

I do want to share a very interesting experience though. This week I was visiting a family that we go to a lot and they just love us. They’re recent converts so we help them with writing talks, with family home evening, and just fellowshipping in general. Well, they have a small daughter of about 4-5 years old. I was playing with her and she was showing me drawings that she has made and different things like that. Well, all of a sudden my perspective changed and I saw myself playing with my own daughter in the future. I couldn’t stop thinking about that little experience for like 12 hours. Now I’m dedicated to prepare myself now to be the best father and husband ever. I know that’s a long way away, but you gotta start preparing sometime, right? I’m mainly working on Christlike attributes, but yeah, it was a really cool moment.

This and That

Your emails tell about your weather and it reminds me of Iowa! I miss it like crazy.  It’s now kicking up the heat here, getting even warmer and more humid. I was wrong about before. I sleep in 85-90 degree weather with high humidity. It starts to feel like a struggle to walk outside for more than three hours (we have to go back to walking because the sisters can use their bikes now).  The heat is getting really, really rough.  We’ll see how I can deal with it all. Behold the African sun…



In Tamale they drive a lot of these little, green tricycle-looking, motorcycle-things. It’s a public transportation and they’re actually really quite fun.

Oh yes, and I also had pizza! It was a spicy chicken pizza with mushrooms. It was my first time eating mushrooms! It was cake. 🙂

Mom, I was so happy when I messaged with you this week! I always get happy when I get to the Internet cafe!

Take care,

Elder Gilbert

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