Who Knew You Could Miss Cereal So Much

Feb 20, 2017 Wa is Opening This past week we went to and from Kumasi and it was really, really neat. It was about a seven hour journey on the nicest Charter bus I’ve ever been on before. Big news in the mission! Wa (a town in Northwestern Ghana) just had their first Sacrament meetingContinue reading “Who Knew You Could Miss Cereal So Much”

Time Passes By So Quickly

  (Original emails dated November – December, 2016 as noted with entry. SG) Busy Times and Short Emails The work is going! We are working with a few people, Regina, Steven, Stephen, and Stephen. I’m literally teaching 3 people named Stephen. Another man named Kofinti who boldly declared today that he would be baptized before Christmas,Continue reading “Time Passes By So Quickly”

Of Rain and Snails and Incredible Tales

Life is going at a hectic pace! Man, this week went so quick! I can’t believe how fast things are approaching and ahh! I’m almost 20! Another Baptism This week we had another baptism. This man is named Joseph Yankey. (YANK-ee). He is a very powerful man. He called us over to him as weContinue reading “Of Rain and Snails and Incredible Tales”

General Conference Week

We Got to Watch Conference This past week we had General Conference! Yay! I actually did get to watch three sessions, one of which was live. The Sunday morning session- which I watched from 4pm-6pm, was wonderful. Although, I really missed the potluck we would have at home between the sessions. I also got to watchContinue reading “General Conference Week”

Service with a Smile and a Cutlass

A District Activity with Service Time has been flying. Like seriously. I can’t believe that I’ve already spent one full transfer as a zone leader. This past week has been pretty normal missionary work, but today we had a district activity. It started out well. We had a service project where I got another cutlass and startedContinue reading “Service with a Smile and a Cutlass”

Bugs, Bread, and Believing

Something Has Got to Change So here’s something crazy. The cockroach infestation turned out to be something so much bigger. We killed all the grandfather cockroaches (the really really big ones), almost a month and half to two months ago, but they must have had babies…. and their babies had babies… so we had a tonContinue reading “Bugs, Bread, and Believing”

Of Mice and Men, Chicken, and the Pope

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody! Of Mice and Men….. So a few interesting things happened this week! The first is that we have had traces of mice in the apartment. Droppings in weird places like my closet and things like that. The funny part is that when my companion, Elder Anderson, told me about it, I thoughtContinue reading “Of Mice and Men, Chicken, and the Pope”

I Made It! My First Time Flying Experience!

I made it safe and sound, but there were some bumps along the way. There was an hour delay in Atlanta and I and 3 other missionaries had to run to get to the next gate which we had to wait for a shuttle bus to get to. After getting off the aircraft in Atlanta, IContinue reading “I Made It! My First Time Flying Experience!”