Ticket to Ride

March 20, 2017 Last Week Once a month we travel to Kumasi, like last week, to take care of leadership responsibilities. It takes 3 days; we leave on Wednesday, have meetings on Thursday, and come back on Friday. It's 7 hours one-way and very bumpy. There isn’t much I can do during the trip because... Continue Reading →

It’s Tamale Hot

March 13, 2017 This week was really interesting, filled with a lot of cleaning and preparing because it was transfer week. We got a new missionary in the apartment with the other companionship. He's from Tonga and he's straight out of the MTC. So those first few days, not a lot happened. First Things First…What... Continue Reading →

Grace and the Heat

March 6, 2017 Hope in Grace Things were interesting and crazy this past week. Everything is really grand here. The thing that I really can report on is the fact that I personally believe that we're having a baptism this week (my companion is not so convinced). There is a woman who has been taught... Continue Reading →

White Shirts & Ties and Bolga

Feb 27, 2017 Going To Visit Bolgatanga This week was really awesome. We ended up going to Bolgatanga to switch places with some other Elders for a short period of time (we call that going on exchanges). That place is super sweet. You can literally see the Spirit working in people who just come up... Continue Reading →

My New Area: Tamale

Jan 30, 2017 The Weather and Family Culture So Tamale. It feels like I've stepped into a completely different mission. It's dry heat, and that is super weird to me. Other than vacations, I've never really experienced dry heat. Yes, I'm still in Ghana; yes, I still feel the heat (and even more so here because... Continue Reading →

Early January

January, 2017 This week was pretty great! So let me start off by saying that indeed I am leaving this blessed land of Obuasi. I love, love, love it here so much and yet I must go. Guess where I'm going? Tamale. (TAH-mah-leh) It's not (tah-MAH-lee) My last Sunday was filled with mixed emotions. I... Continue Reading →


January 2017 My Testimony Has Been Strengthened Last week was awesome! Two people were baptized on Saturday and confirmed on Sunday. One of them was in our area and the other was in my old area, so both were technically mine, if you count it that way. But it was truly awesome! I loved it... Continue Reading →

Christmas in Ghana

** Editor's note: This is a bit late, but enjoy looking back at Christmas with Ben. Christ is the Reason I recently forgot that there are indeed plenty of people in the USA that don't believe in God. It's been so foreign to me to think about because everyone in Ghana believes in either God... Continue Reading →

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