Goats, Mango Leaves, and the Rain

June 26, 2017 There’s not too much to report this week. I've said it a lot in the chats, but I can at least say that I'm doing really, really well. The Work is Moving Forward This week we visited the village, Seniagya. There are some faithful people there and we were introduced to an... Continue Reading →


Highlighting A Challenge

June 19, 2017 Study Time Right now, I'm pouring my heart and soul into my Book of Mormon reading. I'm doing something that Elder Bednar challenged us as missionaries to do. That is to take a fresh copy of the Book of Mormon and highlight everything we see about the atonement; when finished we write... Continue Reading →

Sunshine in the Soul

June 12, 2017 This week was pretty busy with a couple of fun things. A Visit to a School First, I have a story I would like to tell that involves two young women in a nearby Islamic boarding school. They are members, one from Accra and one from Tamale! The one from Tamale happens... Continue Reading →

Another Learning Curve

June 5, 2017 Learning My Way Around In My New Area This week was slow, still feeling my way around the area, trying to survive and learn it fast. Effiduase is a branch. I think about 70-100 members on record, with about 30-40 attending every week. Some people say this is a hard area, but... Continue Reading →

The Rain in Effiduase

May 29, 2017 I’m in My New Area This week was good! I am finally in Effiduase, and the area is mostly like a village. There are spots with nice paved roads and some good buildings but mostly bush. I think the whole town is developing “small small.” But it's really good and it feels... Continue Reading →

My True Self

May 15, 2017 This Week To give you a quick update on what happened this week… we went to Bolga and it was really incredible. I love going there and seeing the pigs and the people; the people there are so, so kind. It was wonderful. And the Mother’s Day phone call was wonderful. I’m... Continue Reading →


May 8, 2017 Short on Time Sorry I can't give you a full accounting of the week because of time. I have 30 minutes less to email today. But I will say…crocs for last week. And this week? We roasted a pig as a zone.  Yup, I'm doing stuff. (Tell Saylor not to be jealous, it's... Continue Reading →

Temporal Crocodiles

May 1, 2017 Well, this week there will be plenty of pictures! The reason I'm emailing so late in the day and you probably thought you missed me was because of this…We went to Paga! Get out your maps, folks, cuz it's about northwest of Bolga, following the west road that goes past Navrongo and... Continue Reading →

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